Welcome to the home of the Sandhurst Diocese Kids Conference.

This year (2009) the Kids conference focus is on 'Environmental Awareness'. Participants at the conference will be involved in using ICT tools to convey their understandings and promote these via a variety of mediums, including, audio, video, images and the web.

The participating students are from schools in the Sandhurst Diocese and are currently in Grade 5 at their respective schools and have gone through a school based application process to be able to attend and represent their school.

During the day the students will work in mixed groupings with students from other schools to create and complete their conference tasks, allowing for the chance to collaborate with other students that they may not normally get the opportunity to share learning experiences with.

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Feel free to browse these pages to see what the participants at the conference are able to contribute.

For more information about the Sandhurst Kids Conference, contact:

Grant Fitzgerald: Senior Education Officer: Learning Technologies

Glenn McMahon: Education Officer: Learning Technologies